About Me

I always have trouble writing these about me things on sites like this. My facebook about me I believe simply contains the word “meh”. On twitter, it is a constantly changing sentence usually pertaining to some facet of fiction or pop culture I felt like using at the time. Some previous examples include “Honorary member of the wonderbolts”, “Servant of the secret fire, wielder of the flame of Anor” etc. If you understand either reference you are well on your way to understanding me as a person.

This “About Me” however will be different. As you may have already noticed it is much longer than a single word or even a sentence. If you did not already notice, I would kindly request that you read somebody else’s blog because you are clearly not among my target readers: literate people.

Considering I am supposed to be telling you about myself now I guess I’ll cut to the chase. I am currently studying Theatre (and soon another major/minor (I don’t know what yet)) at St. Louis University but the place I call home is good old Naperville (Naperthrill) IL.

Follow me on Twitter if you would like @sirkevinpatrick


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